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Student Groups enable tracking and reporting on students by participation in activities, clubs, sports, student government, and other groupings. Students can be tagged and appear on dashboards in multiple Student Groups.

Where Term Appears
CSUMB Data Warehouse Dashboards:
Data Owner
Office of the Registrar
Data Source
Source System:CMS - SA
Source Table Name:PS_STDNT_GROUP_TBL
Source Field Name:DESCR
Census Process:No
Logical Transformation / Calculation
OBIEE Folder and Column
Folder Heading:"Student Group"
Column Heading:"Student Group"

At CSUMB, Student Groups are used in part to group students for registration priority.


Examples of Student Groups include:

AA-T Child Adolescent Complete, AA-T Child Adolescent Slf-Rprt, AA-T Childhood Dvlp Complete, AA-T Childhood Dvlp Self-Rpt, AA-T Early Childhood Complete, AA-T Early Childhood Slf-Rprt, AA-T Law PubPlcy SoctyComplete, AA-T Law PubPlcy SoctySelf-Rpt, AA-T/AS-T Anthropology Complet, AA-T/AS-T Anthropology Slf-Rpt, AA-T/AS-T Art History Complete, AA-T/AS-T Art History Self-Rpt, AA-T/AS-T Biology Complete, AA-T/AS-T Biology Self-Rpt, AA-T/AS-T Business Complete, AA-T/AS-T Business Self-Rpt, AA-T/AS-T Cine Arts Complete, AA-T/AS-T Cine Arts Slf-Rpt, AA, T/AS-T Comm Studies Compl, AA-T/AS-T Comm Studies Slf-Rpt, AA-T/AS-T Computer Sci Compl, AA-T/AS-T Computer Sci Slf-Rpt, AA-T/AS-T Elementary Ed Compl, AA-T/AS-T Elementry Ed Slf-Rpt, AA-T/AS-T English Complete, AA-T/AS-T English Self-Rpt, AA-T/AS-T Geography Complete, AA-T/AS-T Geography Self-Rpt, AA-T/AS-T History Complete, AA-T/AS-T History Self-Rpt, AA-T/AS-T Journalism Complete, AA-T/AS-T Journalism Self-Rpt, AA-T/AS-T Kinesiology Complete, AA-T/AS-T Kinesiology Self-Rpt, AA-T/AS-T Mathematics Complete, AA-T/AS-T Mathematics Self-Rpt, AA-T/AS-T Philosophy Complete, AA-T/AS-T Philosophy Self-Rpt, AA-T/AS-T Political Sci Compl, AA-T/AS-T Politicl Sci Slf-Rpt, AA-T/AS-T Psychology Complete, AA-T/AS-T Psychology Self-Rpt, AA-T/AS-T Sociology Complete, AA-T/AS-T Sociology Self-Rpt, AA-T/AS-T Spanish Complete, AA-T/AS-T Spanish Self-Rpt, AA-T/AS-T Studio Art Complete, AA-T/AS-T Studio Art Self-Rpt,, Admission Co-Enrollment MPC, Associated Student Government, Athletes, Baseball, CA Promise qualify confirmed, CA Promise qualify self-report, CSIT Online - Reconnect Elgbl, CSIT Plus Plus, CSIT in 3 - Participant, College Asst. Migrant Program, Diploma Ordered, EMBA 10 week session, EMBA 5 Week session, Educational Opportunity Progra, FA Nurse ADN Cohort 1, FA Nurse ADN Cohort 2, FA Nurse ADN Cohort 3, FA Nurse Collabortive/LVN, First Year Seminar Excluded, First Year Seminar Required, Foreign Language Rqt Exempt, Foster Youth, Inside Track, Intl degree seekers, Invoice Billing, Jumpstart, Men's Basketball, Men's Cross Country, Men's Golf, Men's Soccer, National Student Exchange, Nursing Group 1, Nursing Group 2, Nursing Group 3, Nursing Group 4, Nursing Group 5, Nursing Group 6, Nursing Group 7, Orientation Freshmen, Orientation Session 1, Orientation Session 2, Orientation Session 3, Orientation Session 4, Orientation Session 5, Orientation Session 6, Orientation Session 7, Orientation Session 8, Orientation Transfer, Panetta Institute Internship, Panetta Institute Leadership, Pay It Forward, Priority Registration, Qualified Credential, Sailing, Softball, Spring Orientation FTF, Spring Orientation LDT, Spring Orientation UDT, Student Disability Resources, Student Services Priority, Teacher Pathway Program LS KC, UCoach Students, Veterans, Waiver - AB540 Non Res, Waiver - Allan Patte, Waiver - Over 60, Waiver-911 Dep Victims, Waterpolo, Western Regional Graduate Prog, Western Undergraduate Exchange, Women's Basketball, Women's Cross Country, Women's Golf, Women's Practice Players, Women's Soccer, Women's Volleyball

Definition Source

"Student groups enable you to set up groups (such as Athlete or Freshman) and assign these groups to individuals. Then you can perform actions (such as run reports and processes) on a group, which affects all of the individuals in the group."[1]


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