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Plan Sequence Number is a numerical value assigned to the academic plans on a student's record.

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Folder Heading:"Fact - Academic Plan Summary"
Column Heading:"Plan Sequence Number"

The lowest plan sequence number designates the student's primary academic plan.

Business Rules

Plan Sequence      10 = 1st major

Plan Sequence      20 = 2nd major

Plan Sequence      30 = 1st minor

Plan Sequence      40 = 2nd  minor

Plan Sequence      50 = 3rd major

Plan Sequence      60 =  4th major

Plan Sequence      70 = 3rd minor

Plan Sequence      80 = 4th minor


Plan sequence numbers are generally two digit numerical values.

The most common is sequence number "10", which indicates the student's primary area of study.

Related Terms

Definition Source

"Plan sequence is the sequence in which degree progress evaluates a student's academic plans. The system increments the plan sequence number each time that you add an academic plan." A student's "primary academic plan is designated by the lowest plan sequence number on the Student Plan page."[1]


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