EEO 1 Job Category Description

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EEO 1 Job Category Description is the attribute of the job indicating the Federal Occupation Category (FOC) for Equal Employment Opportunity reporting.

Where Term Appears
CSUMB Data Warehouse Dashboards:Trends by College Dashboard
Data Owner
University Personnel
Data Source
Source System:CMS - HR
Source Table Name:PSXLATITEM
Source Field Name:XLATLONGNAME
Census Process:No
Logical Transformation / Calculation
OBIEE Folder and Column
Folder Heading:"CSU Job"
Column Heading:"EEO 1 Job Category Description"


Examples of Department Description include:

  • Administrative Support Workers
  • Craft Workers
  • Executive/Sr Level Officials
  • First/Mid Level Officials
  • No EEO-1 Reporting
  • Professionals
  • Service Workers
  • Technicians